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Sustainable Tourism Attitudes

The municipality - Cairu archipelago is located in an area of ​​environmental protection, the APA Tinharé - Boipeba, for future generations to enjoy the natural beauty of this paradise we must always be attentive to important attitudes of conscious tourism. Here are some tips:


* Did you know that, on average, a tourist spends almost 3 times more water than residents of a community? And that does not sound good to anyone who wants to start making tourism conscious, right? To help avoid such a waste, avoid changing towels and hotel bedding at all times without actually needing it. With this attitude you can already save a few liters of water.


* When going out to the beach, breakfast, lunch, snack, or any other activity outside your room, practice conscious tourism by taking all electronic devices out of the outlets and avoid unnecessary energy consumption. This holds true for hair dryers, coffee makers, and cell phones and notebooks.


* It's easy to remember that you're responsible for everything you leave on the sands, right? So just leave your footprints on the beaches and be aware that the next generations will also enjoy taking a sea bath just like you. Always collect your garbage and look for the appropriate destination to discard it.


* When making trails, always stay in the paths already demarcated, avoiding the erosion of other parts and also guaranteeing their safety. Always observe signs of dangerous access. Do not bring plants, shells, and pebbles home: it seems like an innocent act, but if everyone does, it can have an environmental impact.


* Respect the fauna and flora of our municipality. Do not feed fish from natural pools, this can cause an environmental imbalance. Also do not remove wild animals from the natural habitat.


* Listen to the sounds of nature and enjoy the silence of the beaches and trails. After all, what better sound than the sound of the sea?

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