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Relief and Hydrography

The archipelago is bathed by oceanic waters (Atlantic Ocean) and fluvial waters. It makes up a typical system of the Brazilian coast, cut with the presence of hills, bars, bays, reefs, dunes and mangroves. It has relief of the type coastal plain, clad of soils, predominantly sandy-quatzosos. Its floristic cover is adorned with mangroves of great fishing potential, internalizing with areas of restinga, conserving still remnants of Atlantic forest The hydrographic network is dense and is confused with the arms of the sea. The rivers, although of short extension, are all perennial, mainly due to the pluviometric regime of the place and suffer direct influence of the ocean and the tides. All fall into the arms of the sea and with them they are confused. The main ones are: Patos River, Inferno River, Taenga River, Catu River, Zimbo River and Rio Itapitanga.

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