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Not only the natural beauties and the cultural heritage enchant in Cairu, the gastronomy is also an attractive attraction. Here, you will find the best of Bahian cuisine, as well as unique flavors that are worth tasting. Check out some tips:


* Morro de São Paulo brings together the best of national and international cuisine, here you can find all the flavors of the world in several trendy bars and restaurants. Drinks and cocktails from caipifrutas stalls are also irresistible.


* On Boipeba Island, the lobster is one of the flagship cars on the menu. With pineapple sauce, coconut water or simply grilled in butter, the crustacean is always a good request. If you have an adventurous palate, try the sata pepper, known for being one of the strongest peppers in Brazil.


* In Garapuá, be sure to try the moped. Seafood is abundant in local mangroves and is the basis for a very tasty broth and according to experts is also aphrodisiac.


* In the district of Galeão, the order is moqueca with banana of the earth. From fish or shrimp, this specialty typical of the region adds a special flavor to the Bahian moqueca.


* The floating restaurants of Canavieiras provide a different experience by making it possible for you to choose which fish to live on. The animals are bred in captivity in the very space of the restaurants. The cultivated oysters are also part of the menu.


* In São Sebastião and Moreré, taste the juice or the mangaba ice cream. This almost unknown fruit in the big urban centers has a unique and very refreshing flavor.

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