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Weekly flights depart from Salvador airport to Valença, semi-terrestrial transfer is required to the Bom Jardim Attraction and 15 minutes by boat to Morro de São Paulo.


From Salvador airport it is also possible to take flights of about 20 minutes to the airstrips in Morro de São Paulo and Boipeba.



Catamarans leave the Salvador Maritime Terminal for Morro de São Paulo on a two-hour voyage through the open sea.




45-minute ferry crossing Salvador by ferry boat to Itaparica Island, another 120km road to Valença, where it is possible to take boats to the main islands. Another option is to follow for 10km until the limits of the municipalities of Valença and Taperoá, until the Graciosa Bridge. There it is possible to embark to Cairu Headquarters and also to Boipeba.




Leaving Valença, travel 30 km along BA-001, heading south until you reach Nilo Peçanha. Continue for another 21 km, to Cairu Headquarters. On the same road you can take the access to Torrinhas, are 7 km of dirt road.

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