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Cairu: The only Brazilian archipelago

Cairu, which in Tupi Guarani means "House of the Sun", arose in the sixteenth century, during the settlement of the Captaincy of Ilhéus. It has become one of the main towns of Brazil Cologne


It is the only municipality - archipelago of Brazil, composed of 36 islands, being the largest Cairu, Tinharé and Boipeba. The municipality has a total area of ​​460.98Km ², the whole territory is part of Environmental Protection Areas: APA Tinharé - Boipeba and APA Caminhos da Boa Esperança.


According to data compiled by IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics), the population projection for 2017 is 18.224 inhabitants. Cairu  has the economy based on the exploration of the natural resources of the fishing; shellfish; extractivism of the piaçava; activities associated with tourism and more recently the exploitation of natural gas.


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